The Name “Pathway to Hope” is our Vision for People with a disability in their lives:

Equipping Others to Embrace the Disabled Community by providing training to Christian and non-Christian organizations.

Our Mission for “Pathway to Hope” is:

To equip churches and organizations to reach into the lives of the disability community while changing the communities worldview pertaining to life, dignity and equality that affect people with disabilities.

  • We strive to work in churches developing disability ministries in them.
  • “Etiquette Training” in organizations to help others understand the best way of communicating with a disabled person.
  • Developing a network of organizations to help serve the disability community as a whole with each organizations expertise to help the disabled to completeness.
  • Establish “Circles of Churches” to share the calling of serving the disabled community through Respite Care for parents, siblings and caregivers.  The divorce in these homes is approximately 85% (N.O.D.) and the person with a disability often understands they are the reason for this happening.

how we got here…

In 1996, Tom & Donna Downs were serving in Lithuania with Campus Crusade for Christ and were asked to write a ministry they would be involved with.  Separately, they wrote out the same ideas for a ministry reaching people with a disability.

It wasn’t coincidence that they wrote about the same ministry, their son, Ed has Williams Syndrome and although his academic skills are limited, he is very outgoing and understands biblical truths.  It was during their time overseas, God revealed to them that   individuals with disabilities will stand before the Lord just like everyone else.  Our confirmation came upon returning home and finding their son dying spiritually without people to connect with in his own church.   They also recognized that people with disabilities often have their own culture and tend to draw together helping each other.